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Portal1 helps your organization improve workplace effectiveness by providing a platform that improves your workplace in of the following areas.


Different ways to
Organize your

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Enterprises want the benefits of SharePoint immediately but achieving company-wide buy in and synchronising IT schedules and budgets can be a roadblock. Portal1 offers you a fully managed and hosted SharePoint solution delivered by experts.
Reduce Costs
Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the 'hidden' costs of managing a platform.
Increase Availability
As Systems become more complex and integrated, the risk of downtime increases. This places a burden on the internal IT Department which is expected to 'do more with less'.
Remove Upgrade Hurdles
Internal IT Departments struggle with competing upgrade priorities.
Become Flexible
Licensing and capital expenditure challenges make it difficult for internal administrators to adapt to changes in the user base.

From Microsoft Partners and SharePoint Experts

Enterprise Class Security, Service and Support
Developed, Delivered, Managed by SharePoint Experts
Use your Operating Budget
Fast Development and Results
No need for Company-Wide buy-in
No Need to synchronize with IT schedules
Portal 1 SharePoint

Features the following:

No Microsoft Licensing fees

  • Guaranteed software upgrade

  • 24x7 Server and Network monitoring

  • On-Line Administration

  • Daily Backup with off-site Storage

  • Fully secure Multi-segment firewall protection

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"many people don't consider the impact of achieving company-wide buying when it comes to hosting..."

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R. Daniels

21 March 2015

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Portal 1 hosted SharePoint offering: giving you the benefits of enterprise class SharePoint solutions with the ease of software as a service.

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